Green Grubs

Brand design, website design, illustration, packaging design, digital and print marketing for a sustainable pet food start-up.

A truly amazing concept, Green Grub Solutions use nature’s best recyclers, the Black Soldier Fly larvae, to transform harvested plant waste into sustainable treats for pets.

These insects and the team at GGS really are something else, and they needed a creative partner that matched their ambitions.

The Challenge

With a mission to ‘Break the Meal Worm Mould’, GGS have set out to disrupt the status quo and provide a sustainable alternative to meal worm feeds.

Their target market is domestic bird keepers and garden wildlife enthusiasts. Due to their supply chain the cost of sale is much higher than traditional bird feed, so the branding needed to position them as a premium product, while not looking out of place in pet stores and keeping true to the company’s ethos.

Our Approach

The research phase of the project was essential as we went about exploring brands in the ethical pet food market such as Yora, as well as organic health food products from manufacturers including Better Foods and Dove Farms.

Our use of illustration proved to be the perfect solution for the desired visual aesthetic; original, professional, and approachable. The star of the show was always going to be the BSF, so we created an original brandmark that combined the distinct look of the grub with leaves for wings to show off the brands environmental credentials.

The Outcome

We delivered an adaptive brand kit including illustration and iconography, their website, product packaging and marketing materials that not only fulfilled the brief, but quickly established GGS as a serious player in the market. Since launching 2019 GGS have already built up a loyal fan base of ‘Grubbers’ and are now developing additional products to add to their range.

Head over to their website now at to check out their fantastic work.

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