No Small Thing

Brand design, website design, illustration and custom social media templates for a local sustainability thought leader

Based in our home town of Bristol, Jenny Ford is focused on keeping Materials in Mind. As a designer and systems thinker, she brings a creative approach to waste and resource management within the built environment. She is a consultant, researcher and resource activist.

The Challenge

Jenny first approached us to help redesign the branding and website for her consultancy business, Materials in Mind. The conversation eventually moved onto a concept that she had for an Instagram personality and thought leadership platform, No Small Thing.

She needed us to design a logo with impact, website (well, landing page technically speaking) and a set of social media templates that could be used effectively by her and the marketing team at MIM. The latter is where things got really interesting; without wanting to preach her opinions on sustainability, the focus switched to knowledge sharing and storytelling, and that’s when the idea of an ever-evolving graphic ‘Insta’ novel was born. Genius right!

Our Approach

We started by interrogating the subject areas that Jenny would be focusing on in her stories, and they broke down into 5 key areas – 1. Waste, recycling and circular economy, 2. Urban systems, 3. Agri food, 4. Design, innovation and efficiency, 5. Sustainable development goals.

We then looked at the associated environments, objects and emotions that related to each area, and went about creating a set of hand drawn graphic assets that would be comp’d into an Adobe Photoshop template and then used to create the various scenes that she required to bring her stories to life.

The Outcome

We think you’ll agree, the finished outcome delivers everything that we set out to achieve. The word mark and character lock-up (see below) creates an incredible sense of scale, and represents the enormity of the challenge that Jenny and others involved in the wider sustainability movement (not to mention humankind) are up against.

The website, inspired by DIY activism and independent fanzines, strikes the perfect tone and acts as a landing page for the project and Insta stories as they play out.

And that brings us onto the main attraction… If anyone ever wanted to star in their own comic book, then this is surely the way to kick off that journey. The ease of use combined with complimentary video training sessions has given Jenny and her team the tools they need to take her stories to the masses, and do their part in the challenge of our time.

Ready to get started?

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