Solvi Digital

Brand strategy workshop, logo, iconography, illustration, pattern work, brand guidelines and brand activation for an exciting digital marketing agency.

Solvi Digital is a purpose driven brand with a people focused approach – people marketing for people.

Across social ads, content marketing, strategy and automaton, Solvi helps brands communicate with people and find solutions. Set up in just 2017, the agency is growing rapidly.

The Challenge

Solvi came to us needing support with distilling who they were and who they wanted to be into a coherent visual identity. Their current branding was incomplete and didn’t match up to how they were presenting themselves verbally to their clients. The challenge was to create branding that not only backed up what they were saying, but provided credibility and confidence in the business. Refreshing their whole brand was the natural next step in the agency’s journey, as part of their decision to invest in areas that will lead to the growth of the business.

As content marketers, it was especially important that the agency had their own brand they could utilise for content marketing, and lead the way by example.

Our approach

Our approach first took shape in a brand strategy workshop, to help Solvi define who they were, their values, audience, purpose and what deliverables they would need. This initial workshop session was invaluable and informed the whole rest of the project.

During the rebrand we focused on the human side of the agency to make the tech element more accessible and inclusive for their audience. The logo represents the human potential to create end to end solutions, symbolised through fluid shapes and recurring dots. We wanted to create a brand that was creative and fun but also professional and trustworthy; to do this we coupled clean typography with sketch style graphic elements and a handwritten secondary typeface to really bring the brand to life.

Solvi described working with us as a seamless experience right from the first workshop through to sign off. Clear communication and opportunities for feedback ensured the experience was a smooth one for everyone involved.

The Outcome

The outcome is a coherent and cohesive brand with tons of personality. The brand guidelines successfully distil Solvi, their values and how they want to be represented, pulling together illustration, iconography, colour boards, tone of voice, brand activation, pattern work, image treatment and logo use; this provides not only a master guide for the team itself, but for partners and other stakeholders both now and in the future. The result is an increase in confidence internally, and a credible and professional brand identity externally.

The team at Solvi also commended the ease of use, variety and flexibility of the assets we provided, which they can use in a number of ways for marketing purposes. Each asset is on brand but also individual, and has fed into an impactful identity that is aligned with who Solvi is as a business. The brand has just launched and the future for Solvi looks bright.


Kind words from Andreas and Joe, the founders at Solvi Digital.

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