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The Bunch

Creative strategy, brand development, iconography, illustration, digital and print marketing for a scaling tech business in student services.

The Bunch first approached us at an early stage of their journey in Autumn 2019.

Established two years earlier under the name ‘Easy Student Living’, they had recently gone through a renaming process and needed help connecting the new brand with their target audience, students studying in the UK.

The Challenge

Specialising in utilities management and student lettings, The Bunch we’re going up against huge brands, established energy providers and online comparison sites.

They were founded by graduates who were fed up with being taken advantage of by utility companies, so connecting with their audience on a personal level, whilst maintaining a professional and reliable brand image was always going to be the challenge.

Our Approach

Appealing to a young audience meant creating vibrant and colourful designs. We incorporated comical images and tag lines with their social media campaigns and animations to appeal to their student demographic.

Going for such a loud, in-your-face design was potentially risky. But it quickly set The Bunch apart as a student brand, and we knew from examples like Deliveroo and Nando’s that younger audiences warm to brands that are a bit tongue-in-cheek.

The Outcome

We’ve created a visual identity and extensive brand kit that The Bunch could truly own. As the partnership developed, we incorporated original character illustrations with oversized cut-out photography to produce an aesthetic that’s relevant and on trend, while still having a fresh twist that sets it apart.

Our background in the music industry and experience of designing for a young audience was a perfect fit for The Bunch. The more you know the market you’re aiming for, the more you’ll know what will pay off. When KFC ran their FCK ad in 2018 after not having enough chicken to open UK branches, they knew it would be well received with their predominantly young target market.


“The team at Garrett Creative are extremely professional and reliable members of The Bunch family, consistently going above and beyond their remit, providing top quality work and creative ideas to help The Bunch through it’s scaling stage. We would highly recommend them to any business or start-up looking for creative support.”

Elliott Herrod-Taylor - CEO @ The Bunch

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