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Design for Business

To hit the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, you need designs that are as creative, inclusive and ambitious as your business goals.

In a world saturated with hype and greenwashing, your visual identity, website and marketing materials have a vital role to play in building a brand that is rooted in authentic values. The best design allows you to connect with your audience, catching not just their eye but their hearts and minds too.

We specialise in helping start-ups get off the ground and scale ups hit the next level. If you’re a forward-thinking business looking for expert branding, web design, digital and print marketing, get in contact now to see how we can help you achieve your vision.

Our Mission

To use our design and creativity to help you to make a positive impact in the world. We believe in intuitive design shaped by the needs of the user – accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Brand Design

Being a successful business means building a timeless brand. From logo design, iconography and illustration, to crafting guidelines for consistent branding across future materials, see how our brand design packages can help you create a powerfully effective visual identity that generates real results.

Website Design

Every business today needs a strong web presence that converts. Whether you need a vibrant and engaging marketing site or a complex eCommerce platform, make sure you get a reliable site that serves your customers with our range of website design packages.

Digital & Print

To get noticed in such a saturated market, you need marketing material that turns heads. Whether it’s eye-catching posters or videos, or trust-inspiring pitch decks, B2B brochures or annual reports; discover how our range of digital and print marketing services can help you to achieve your goals.

Future Leap Partnership

We are an official creative partner of the Future Leap. At Garrett Creative we believe in using our design and creativity as a force for good, we’re passionate about the work going on within the Future Leap community and what we can do to support their members, as well as the wider sustainability movement. 

We offer preferential rates for pre-revenue startups, unsigned artists, charities and non-profits. To see if you qualify please reach out on: [email protected]


“The team at Garrett Creative are extremely professional and reliable members of The Bunch family, consistently going above and beyond their remit, providing top quality work and creative ideas to help The Bunch through it’s scaling stage. We would highly recommend them to any business or start-up looking for creative support.”

Elliott Herrod-Taylor - CEO @ The Bunch
The bunch logo

How we helped...

Specialising in utilities management and student lettings, The Bunch we’re going up against huge brands, established energy providers and online comparison sites.

Appealing to a young audience meant creating vibrant and colourful designs. We incorporated comical images and tag lines with their social media campaigns and animations to appeal to their student demographic.

Going for such a loud, in-your-face design was potentially risky. But it quickly set The Bunch apart as a student brand, and we knew from examples like Deliveroo and Nando’s that younger audiences warm to brands that are a bit tongue-in-cheek.

We’ve created a visual identity and extensive brand kit that The Bunch could truly own. As the partnership developed, we incorporated original character illustrations with oversized cut-out photography to produce an aesthetic that’s relevant and on trend, while still having a fresh twist that sets it apart.

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