Design for Business

Design for Business‘ is a traditional part of the studio that focuses on graphic design work for independent business across the South West.  

The projects I take on mainly cover logo design and branding, digital and print advertising, vehicle graphics, signage and business stationary. My clients stretch across a variety of specialist sectors including Renewable Energy,  Hospitality, Tree Services and Recruitment to name a few.

The Enerdrive logo was an interesting project as the owners wanted their visual identity to reflect the businesses main activity, which is the installation of renewable heating pumps into the residential market. The wordmark represents energy and efficiency by using movement and customisation in the typeface. The border shows the transfer of heat within the home and a recycling symbol has been incorporated to symbolise the eco-friendly nature of the technology.

The Tree Services branding for W&D and D&B were two great projects to work on, I can highly recommend both businesses should you ever need their help.

They were very difference briefs, Harry from W&D wanted a logo that would be versatile and suitable to use for the other divisions of his company which include carpentry, mobile milling and site clearance. He chose a relatively corporate lettermark and I added some custom illustrations to his business cards to show his services in action.

Ben at D&B wanted his visual identity to be much more specific and requested that his logo incorporate an illustration of a tree. The idea behind the fist is to represent strength and his ability to take control of problem trees. Two different typefaces were used, the first is a bold sans serif font which reinforces strength, the second is a classic serif typeface named Goudy Serial by SoftMaker which signifies experience.

The other example here is a digital advertising campaign for Cute Resource, an independent recruitment agency based in Clifton Village. The owner wanted something that would stand out in a relatively corporate landscape so I used relevant imagery and masking effects in Photoshop to create a series of visually interesting yet informative job adverts.

If you own or work for a business that is looking for creative support then please get in touch using the CONTACT section of this site, by emailing [email protected] or simply by calling the studio on: 0117 330 529

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