Design for good

Design for Good‘ is a part of the studio that focuses on design work for charities and non-profit organisations. Through local networks and the UWE I have been introduced to some fantastic people in the Southwest that are doing incredible work across areas such as youth services, wildlife and mental health.

The projects range from designing marketing and advertising material, to branding and visual identity. The work is approached with a mixture of pro-bono or heavily discounted fee structures; from my point of view it’s a fantastic way for me to support my local community and hopefully means that charities can have access to high quality design services regardless of their size or budgets.

The Babassa and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust projects that can be seen here were relatively traditional in the sense that I was provided with a very clear brief, templates, brand guidelines and assets including imagery and typefaces.

The MusicSpace re-brand was much more open and a great project to be involved in. We went through various stages of consultation, referencing, ideas generation and proofing. The images that you can see here are some of the icons that were created, a full case study is planned for this project so please watch this space for further information.

Kisses by Rambo was an entertaining little project to work on. The seven year-old daughter of one of my music industry clients has been making and selling lip balm in aid of ocean rescue charities, and wanted a logo to use on packaging and her social media.

The brief was to design a logo that included lips, or hearts or a fish (if only all briefs were that simple). By using the outline shape of a pair of lips to create two kissing fish characters, I was able to satisfy all elements of the brief while keeping it relevant to the name.

The typeface used is Brixton Sans by Tom Chalky, it’s the same typeface that was used to create the Garrett Creative logos and is one of the more unique hand-drawn typefaces that I have come across recently. It perfectly suits the ‘handmade’ nature of Ruby’s product as well as having a soft and approachable feel to it.

If you are part of a charity or non-profit organisation that is looking for creative support then please get in touch using the CONTACT section of this site, by emailing [email protected] or simply by calling the studio on: 0117 330 529

‘Ed was a pleasure to work with, he was quick to understand our brief and the style we use. We were extremely happy and would happily recommend him.

Hannah Lewis
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

NPO Clients