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Design for Music‘ is where it all began and continues to be my main output and passion in graphic design. What started over 20 years ago as a hobby, as well as occasional work for local event promoters and sound systems, has developed into the studio and portfolio in front of you.

The projects I work on within the music industry cover physical and digital music releases, artist branding, event promotion and conceptual art for world renowned organisations including Glastonbury Music Festival.

My background in music has heavily influenced my design work over the years. Since 2018, I have worked as the in-house designer for the record label that I co-founded in 2010, the internationally recognised Run Tingz Recordings. The gritty and urban aesthetics that we have created are increasingly being adopted by the corporate advertising world and this has led to a number of projects where my clients have wanted to infuse more authenticity into their visual identity.

The recent work that I was commissioned to do for Glastonbury Music Festival has been a highlight of this year so far. The Blind Tiger was a brand-new venue for 2019 situated within the Unfairground, which is located in the South East corner of the festival. The production manager was in the process of styling the venue in a 1920’s and 30’s art deco fashion, we researched the design styles and identified a number of visual references that were then used to create the show poster and line-up posters.

The use of bold flat colours is typical of this period and using photographs from last year’s festival, I was able to create a digital illustration that incorporated sculptures from the field. Minimal and abstract typography was them added to provided information to festival goers, the typeface used for the main Blind Tiger logo is Metropolis by Josip Kelava, and perfectly captures the industrial movement of the 1920’s. The styling of the line-up posters is typically art deco, this type of framing is well known for its use in Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film The Great Gatsby, which is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name. 

If you work within the music and event industry and are looking for creative support then please get in touch using the CONTACT section of this site, by emailing [email protected] or simply by calling the studio on: 0117 330 529

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