'Real Social Drinking' Editorial and publication design

The RSD project started life as a journalistic exploration which I worked on in partnership with the Art and Design department at the UWE in Bristol. As part of a social engagement drive, I was asked to investigate and document examples of community spirit in my local area, which led me to discovering the independent Micropub Snuffy Jack’s on Fishponds Rd.

This grew into the Real Social Drinking project which is a celebration of the emerging Micropub scene in Bristol, and the ethos of the wider Micropub movement in the UK.

The inspiration for the vibrant colours, artwork and illustration came from the myriad of tap decals, keg collars and beer mats that I found on my travels. The craft beer market has a fantastic design aesthetic as well as some very interesting brand identities, these were adapted on pages 7, 8, 11 and 12 to create images that represent some of the pillars that underpin the Micropub concept.

The main typeface used for the RSD titles is Gotham, which is very well known for its use by positive social organisations including Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. Set in bold it carries strength and purpose, at the same time the curved sans-serif letter forms give it a soft and approachable feel which perfectly complements the nature of the project.

The yellow used for the main title contrasts very well against the white and black, it also represents positivity and creativity which are all intrinsic to the publication.

At this time the publication is going through its final stage of revisions before being printed, this page will be updated in due course with information on where you can obtain a copy.

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